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Lucid Dreams Fics

Repercussions // Part 1 // Kindred: the embraced

Title: Repercussions (Part 1 of ?)
Fandom: Kindred: the embraced
Characters: Daedalus, Julian, mentions others; OC characters Abraham & James Blackwell, Ana Evans and Robert Whiteworth.
Rating: G
Author's notes: This story does not strictly follow the canon that is established in the tv show kindred: the embraced. There are certain characters who die in the series that I’ve chosen to keep alive. Also, there are elements from Vampire: The Masquerade that I’ve incorporated into this story as well, though I’m not following the Masquerade canon.
Word count: 2276
Synopsis: Takes place after the Nightstalker & Romeo & Juliet episodes. A group of Nosferatu have come to San Francisco. Daedalus goes to deal with them and learns of a new threat against the prince.
Disclaimer: I do now own Kindred: the embraced

(Repercussions // Part 1)
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