Lisbeth Peters (lisbethpeters) wrote in kindred_fans,
Lisbeth Peters

Heya all! I didn't even know this place was here, until a friend pointed it out. I so did love that series, too! I had been playing Vampire: the Masquerade (what the series was based on) for sooo long. They really did do an excellent job. I wish they would revive it...what with all the vampire interest nowadays, it probably would take off!

Anyway, I run a small online VtM game here on LJ, if anyone is interested in playing. I'm willing to accept characters from the Kindred, if you want to play any of them, but I need to look over your work first. Course, any new characters are welcome!

Putting it below a cut so you don't have to slog through graphics.

Savannah By Night
Court of Savannah * Vampire Politics * Locations of Play
FAQ * The Rules * Application

If there are any questions I didn't answer in my links, let me know. Thanks!

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