Your Star (yourstar202) wrote in kindred_fans,
Your Star

Newbie Here!

Hi Everyone!

I'm new to the fandom. I caught it on a marathon on Syfy and fell in love!! I actually need help, I'm looking for any Daedalus fanficion, non-slash please. I've searched around and have had not alot of luck (I hate being so late to the bandwagon...)

If you now of any links, I would love to know! ^_^

Thanks in advance!
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Daedalus-fic is tricky - have you scrolled through the community already? There is plenty of fics posted here... Also, just go to, there is a lot of stuff there too (tv-shows -> Kindred: The Embraced)

I especially like Maraluch's stories.
I hope you find fics to your liking! :)
Thanks so much for the recs!!! I do too...I'm even contemplating ficcing myself...eventually ^_^ Thanks again!
You may also try this
some of theese may be from, but others are not, and there is no slash unless you go to the "adult" section. I don't remember if there are any Daedalus fics though.
Good luck!
Thanks so much for the link! I'll be sure to check it out!! ^_^
If you don't mind self-reccing, I wrote this fic back in 2007, and it's got a fairly significant Daedalus component.
I never mind self-reccing! ^_^ I'll have to check it out!! ^_^ Thanks so much!