Amara ^..^ (amara_1783) wrote in kindred_fans,
Amara ^..^

Recs request and idea for watchalong

I have just discovered this series and love it - and what a shame that it only ran for 8 episodes as I think it had a lot of potential but needed to find its feet a bit. I love the whole feudal vibe of it and wish this had been explored more. Some elements also remind me of 'Moonlight', especially the whole 'Master of the City' thing.

Does anyone have any recs for slash featuring Julian, especially Julian/Frank?

Also, I think it would be cool to do a community rewatch of the episodes - maybe one episode a fortnight? Let me know what you think!

And does anyone know of any icons for K:TE?
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Sorry, I have no recs for that particular pairing. :( But a rewatch might be fun.
I know there's some Julian/Frank stuff over on Fanfiction, haven't really checked AO3 for it yet. I've seen some stuff scattered here and there, and I believe there was another website devoted to the show - but something makes me think that it was a geocities one that vanished into the wayback machine. I'd have to check my old link register to see.

Would love a rewatch and commentary - it's one of my favorite series. (I seem to be a collector of one- and two-season shows.)